Cold & Flu Herbal Tincture

Cold & Flu Herbal Tincture

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Our Cold & Flu Tincture is a seasonal blend made with your wellness in mind. Each tincture is hand crafted with wild and organically grown herbs from our garden! The powerful combination of herbs may support your immune system according to scientific studies:

Lemon balm: High in antioxidants which helps boost the bodies immune system against disease

Echinacea: Boosts your bodies adaptive and innate immune response which stimulates your bodies overall immune response

Sage: Has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that may assist against colds, sore throats and different types of bacterial and viral infections.

Tulsi: A powerful adaptogen that may support your immune system through its immunomodulatory effects

Mullein: Studies show this herb has an antiviral effect against influenza

Garlic: A powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agent that boosts your immune system

These tinctures are seasonal and only available for a short time available in two varieties - an Alcohol Extract and an Apple Cider Vinegar Extract!

Which extract is right for you? Each extract has different properties and benefits. An alcohol extract has more medicinal benefits in the tincture and the vinegar extract has the added benefit of probiotics and supporting your gut health which also boosts your immune system.

Size: 2oz | 60ml

  • Process

    Our tinctures are made from lion's mane fruiting bodies grown organically on our farm. We use a double extraction method with organic alcohol and water to ensure all of the active components are present.

  • Ingredients

    Double Extracted Lion's Main Fruiting Body, Grain Alcohol

  • Caution

    *Contains alcohol*

    Do not consume if you are allergic to mushrooms.

    While mushroom extracts are natural, it’s important that you consult a physician before taking any supplement if you have a health condition or are taking prescription medications. Lion's Mane can potentially interact with medications prescribed to regulate blood clotting.

  • Which Mushroom Product is right for me?


    Reishi mushrooms are known to enhance one's immune system and reduce fatigue. In China and Japan it is used alongside chemotherapy to reduce the side effects of treatment.

    Turkey Tail

    Turkey tail mushrooms are high in polysaccharide peptides which studies suggest may boost one's immune system and potentially slow cancer growth.


    Known as the "smart mushroom", lion's mane is used to enhance memory due to its neuroregenerative properties. It can also protect neurons through various compounds extracted from the fruiting body.

    Double Extracted

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